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We're all navigating this life and have emotional energy in the air that we have to process with the help of others. 

Gemma, Tseyang & Freya have found the beauty in talking in different languages and where they meet in the centre point.

Using the combination of clay, body and spiritual mindfulness practice, we direct energy and focus to the vessel. Exploring the form, the shape and the space offers contemplation on what requires transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Through our unique methodology we aim to spread joy, create a community and create new paths in your individual journey's. 
Playfulness is Love.

~ We are the creators of Vessel Retreats ~


Freya Bramble-Carter
Artist, Teacher, Healer

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Freya, is an internationally renowned artist, who shares her passion for artistry, creativity, and craftsmanship. Raised with clay at her fingertips, she learned sculpting techniques from her father, Chris Bramble. For over a decade, Freya has nurtured a studio where creativity flourishes, influenced by joy and nature's infinite ideas. Her bi-products she creates are powerfulandbeautifulformsinclay, one- off Vessels that capture a fluidity of energy and carry an inspiring message in essence.


Partnering with Gemma, Freya curates immersive experiences that celebrate the essence of her work. Her art has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue and House and Garden, and is showcased in esteemed galleries like 50 Golborne Gallery and Cynthia Corbett.

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Gemma Bell
Creator, Organiser, Dreamer

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Gemma is the curator, organiser and host of Vessel experiences - Born out of passion and personal experience. With a background in marketing at some of the UK’S most infamous brands including; The Sun, Sky and Virgin Media. Gemma brings a wealth of experience, full of creativity and magical ideas with a passion for leadership, strategic thinking and a can do attitude.

Gemma uses the power of life force energy and understanding the needs of people in this world to bridge the gap between mind, body and joy, where creativity and wellness meet in the middle. Inspired by her superpower, that any dream can be possible.


Our experiences are set in beautiful and exotic worldwide destinations, specially researched and crafted to reconnect with our inner-being, nature and purpose, giving the chance to pause, slow down and reflect, without the chaos of everyday life.


We collaborate with expert practitioners to expand our practices. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us!

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