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We're all navigating this life and have emotional energy in the air that we have to process with the help of others. 

Gemma, Tseyang & Freya have found the beauty in talking in different languages and where they meet in the centre point.

Using the combination of clay, body and spiritual mindfulness practice, we direct energy and focus to the vessel. Exploring the form, the shape and the space offers contemplation on what requires transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Through our unique methodology we aim to spread joy, create a community and create new paths in your individual journey's. 
Playfulness is Love.

~ We are the creators of Vessel Retreats ~


Freya Bramble-Carter
Artist, Teacher, Healer

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I am an artist practitioner who is into the healing arts and sculpts in clay. I start with a ball of clay, spin it on the potters wheel and stretch it into floral, often frilly, formations of life. With a strong influence of nature, I create large vessels that flow water through them such as water fountains or vases, water our unifying substance! I yarn to capture a lusciously, flowing energy, that captures a fluidity of form that may carry an inspiring message in essence. I also use figurative elements that emerge to help communicate a narrative.

Freya travels with a yogi crew, performing clay throwing and handbuilding workshops whilst tuning in and taking a deeper dive into our vessels; clay and flesh! There is so much to learn, absorb, and expand into, whilst being relaxed and submerged in the electric hum of nature among the fertile forests of Bali, Shri Lanka, Bahamas, Mexico…soon Ghana.


You'll mostly find Freya in her beloved London pottery studio. Here she shares a pottery community with her father, Chris Bramble who taught her the art form from scratch; inside out. They share the joy of teaching together, using clay to explore creativity, skill and joy. Freya often collaborates on projects with others artists as well as working with those who live busy lives and are prepared to take a moment for themselves to escape into a world of pottery practise and mindfull-ness, at an intricately slower pace. 

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Gemma Bell
Creator, Organiser, Dreamer

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Quitting my corporate career, embarking on solo travel, breaking down and rebuilding my self in a different format, seeing things differently. Saying yes to things I had never done before. Clay was the start of my transformation, yet I didn't know it at the time. Reconnecting with with myself, I realised a new way of being.

Gemma understands the connection of mind and body and how using clay can bridge the gap between mind and body. She focuses on centering herself, whilst allowing herself to grow, evolve and change shape. She connects with herself and others. She is a people person through and through!

Gemma's goal is to share the joy and connection experienced, tuning in to what people are truly seeking in this world. Vessel Retreats has been the creation of a life long dream - a combination of two practices; pottery and yoga, where creativity and wellness meet in the middle.



Our experiences are set in beautiful and exotic worldwide destinations, specially researched and crafted to reconnect with our inner-being, nature and purpose, giving the chance to pause, slow down and reflect, without the chaos of everyday life.


We collaborate with expert practitioners to expand our practices. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us!

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