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Impermanence meditation from Tibet to Your Home

Today, I want to share a practice close to my heart, impermanence meditation, and how it can dance its magic into the tapestry of your daily life.


Tashi delek., Dear friends!

I'm Tseyang, a yoga teacher born in Tibet, where the winds whisper tales of impermanence through ancient pines. I am also part of the Vessel tribe, the expert in leading mindfullness practice.

Impermanence, the very essence of life, is often met with fear and resistance. We cling to fleeting moments, wishing to hold onto the familiar, the comfortable. Yet, as the Buddha beautifully said, "the only constant is change." Accepting this truth doesn't have to be a melancholic surrender. Instead, impermanence meditation can be a liberating dance, an invitation to fully embrace the present moment, savoring its unique beauty before it gracefully fades into the next.

Bringing Impermanence to Your Mat:

In my Himalayan roots, Impermanence meditation weaves seamlessly into our yoga practice. We begin with conscious breath, observing the rise and fall, the constant ebb and flow. Each inhalation, a fresh beginning, each exhalation, a release. We move through flowing postures, mirroring the dynamic dance of nature, where stillness and movement are two sides of the same coin.

But impermanence isn't confined to the yoga mat. It whispers in the morning dew sparkling on a blade of grass, the fleeting warmth of a loved one's embrace, the changing hues of the sunset. Here are some ways to incorporate impermanence meditation into your daily life:

1. The Morning Cup: As you savor your morning cup of tea, notice the steam rising, the warmth in your hands. Let go of the desire to hold onto the perfect sip, embrace the gradual cooling, the inevitable transformation.

2. The City Street: Walk through your city with awareness. See the faces, the expressions, the constant flux of life around you. Notice how each moment is unique, never to be repeated.

3. The Changing Seasons: Observe the leaves turning, the flowers blooming, the snow melting. Witness the cycles of nature, the constant dance of creation and destruction.

4. The Imperfect Meal: Let go of the pursuit of a "perfect" meal. Enjoy the simple pleasure of each bite, the different textures and tastes. Remember, even the most delicious meal will eventually be consumed, transformed.

5. The Imperfect Self: Don't cling to the illusion of a static self. Embrace your changing emotions, your evolving thoughts, your ever-growing wisdom. You are a beautiful river, not a stagnant pool.

Impermanence meditation isn't about fearing change; it's about appreciating its precious gift. It's about finding joy in the present, knowing that every moment, however fleeting, is a precious treasure.

So, dear yogis, go forth and dance with impermanence. Let it be your guide, your teacher, your reminder to live fully, authentically, and with an open heart.

Remember, the mountains may crumble, the rivers may flow dry, but the essence of our being, the spark of our soul, remains eternal.

May your practice be filled with grace and your life a vibrant dance of impermanence.

With love and light,


P.S. If you're interested in delving deeper into impermanence meditation, I'd love to hear from you! Share your experience and questions in the comments below.

Remember, we are all on this journey together, learning to embrace the flow. And if you are coming to the Vessel retreat in Bali - I look forward to meeting you


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